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Contract Food Manufacturing 

Partnering with  KJS means Collaboration & Integration at  core 

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Contract Food Manufacturing 

Partnering with KJS  means Fullfledged Integration 




Our production capabilities are our primary value proposition to you. We offer both a holistic contract food manufacturing solution and the expertise to process your formulation to your specifications. Our expertise resides in 6 primary technologies.



We are a leading food packaging manufacturer with a variety of customization capabilities. Our standard capabilities cover many food packaging needs, and our custom food packaging services give us the flexibility to provide you with packaging specific to your product. 

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Warehousing is a crucial link between processing and distribution to the consumer. Regulations alone require a incredible level of detail in how we maintain and control both product flow and conditions in our warehouses. 

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What we do

KJS is a contract food manufacturing company, focused on creating good food. We protect your food and formulas through world-class manufacturing standards, integrity, and excellence. KJS INDIA adds value to your brands and your products by producing and packaging them for you. We thus reduce your need to invest in both equipment and people.

You’ve used all of your resources to create your brand and formulas. In light of this, the success of your brands hinges on the consistency and quality of the products we produce. As a contract manufacturing company, our job is to be the most reliable linking your supply chain, ensuring that every production run meets your product and timing requirements. We also provide these services to promote this:


We take customer-defined powder ingredient recipes and blend them via ribbon and paddle mixing.


As a contract packaging company, we package finished dry food products into a variety of consumer-sized packages, including pillow bags, stand-up pouches, bag-in-a-box configurations and other retail packaging.

 Quality

 Ingredient Storage

 Warehousing

 Bulk Loading & Unloading


Year Established


Capacity in tons  


Packaging stations


Awards Won

Food Certifications 

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: +91 9703735666 or fill out the following form.

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Isnapur-Indira Karan Rd,
Pashamylaram,Hyderabad ,
TS 502307

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