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Quality & Testing 



Quality is at the core of our culture. We demand our facility always be audit ready, prepared even if you decide to audit us unannounced. We proudly ace plant audits by the most stringent food auditors from some of the industry’s best.




Our quality control in food production processes hinge on being proactive with a comprehensive set of policies and procedures.

  • Fully functioning HACCP plans that include screens, magnets, and metal detection

  • A diligent monitoring infrastructure to ensure allergen control and prevent micro contamination

  • Dust collection at multiple points in every production line, especially source points

  • Master processing room sanitation schedules as well as cleaning procedures designed specifically for each piece of equipment

  • Preventative maintenance schedules and procedures designed specifically for each piece of equipment

  • Self-improvement programs for employees

  • Rigorous visitor and subcontractor security protocols


  • Sieve Testing – particle size distribution

  • Bulk Density – measurement of compactness

  • Moisture – moisture level of products

  • pH – acidity or alkalinity of products



  • Micro Testing – pathogenic, nonpathogenic and spoilage microorganism levels


Precision Means Quality

Based on your guidance, we create a processing profile for every project. We document our follow-

through with every processing run, change-over, and routine maintenance task. You will be kept informed about your runs throughout the production process as well as given ongoing updates on key details such as product loss, finished product quantities, delivery schedules, packaging inventories, and anything else you hope to see.

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