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Food warehousing is a crucial link between food processing and distribution to the consumer. Regulations alone require a incredible level of detail in how we maintain and control both product flow and conditions in our warehouses. Here are just a few issues KJS monitors very closely when it comes to your products:

Pest control. From ants and insects to rodents and birds, everything wants to eat your food products. We are on guard to prevent all pest access to your products and diligently monitor the premises Sanitation. As a result of Coronavirus, we have set our standards in line with govt. requirements, but also go above and beyond. We measure temperatures of every employee every day. We send home anyone with a fever. Plant access is given only to those vital to operations. We sanitize common spaces and surfaces multiple times a day. We take sanitisation very seriously and that starts with our people, Personnel.


We are cost effective. Coordinating the logistics for the delivery of raw materials or pickup of finished products can be a challenge. We are here to help by providing 15 days free warehousing on both inbound and outbound shipments for our contract manufacturing customers.

We protect your food. Our facilities also utilize separate food product warehousing areas to store raw ingredients, packaging supplies and finished goods for quality control.


Dedicated shipping personnel

Careful segregation of products that contain food allergens

Designated and labeled warehouse product locations

On-demand cold storage available per request

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